Channelling Walker Evans

This body of work pays homage to the photographers of the Farm Securities Administration [FSA], A USA Government Agency established under President Franklin D Roosevelt to combat American rural poverty during the Depression. Under Roy Stryker, the Information Division of the FSA adopted a goal of "introducing America to Americans."

From 1935 to1944 Photographers and writers were hired to report and document the plight of poor farmers. Many of the most famous Depression-era photographers were fostered by the FSA project. Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, and Gordon Parks were three of the most famous FSA alumni.

'Channelling Walker Evans' draws together a collection of individual pictures from my archive that might fall loosely under the title of nostalgia. These images resonate with the melancholy of an era long gone and invoke memories that transport me back in time to when life seemed much gentler and far less complicated.