Bountiful Harvest Redux

'Bountiful Harvest Redux' follows on from the 2012 Series 'Bountiful Harvest', and like the original series, these images were made without the use of a camera. Instead they are made by placing the objects on a flat bed scanner, thus contemporising the photogram technique which has been around since the earliest days of photography. The heroes of 'Bountiful Harvest Redux' come from my vegetable garden, and unlike the produce you find in your local supermarket or greengrocer, they have not been preened and polished and displayed to within an inch of their life. They are very much as they were picked from my garden, and at the end of a long growing season they are not necessarily prime examples of their kind. This is a direct response to my earlier career as an advertising photographer, where one would pick through cases of merchandise to find the perfect specimen.

I chose to make these pictures in what I consider to be a classical style. Hence the monochrome treatment, and the references are many. Anna Atkins, Karl Blossfeldt and Edward Weston have all influenced the way I have made this work. The toning is a reference to those lovely Agfa papers, Portriga and Record Rapid I used during my student days, as well as the collodion wet plate processes. And the large format film rebates, in this instance a complete artifice, because these final images have never been near a camera, or a sheet of film, or a wet darkroom. They were added in post production and also hark back to my early days and track my journey through to the end of the 90's when I first flirted with the digital domain.

all prints for sale, made on 100% cotton rag with archival pigment inks.

All images , paper size 42cm x 59cm [16.5"x23.5"] edition of 5 + 2 AP AUD$950

Prices print only and Australian postage inc GST. Enquire for framing and international shipping.