An amalgam of condom and pandemonium, condomonium is a tongue in cheek look at the synergy when the condom - an unambiguous intervention between a life that could have been [or from an alternate point of view - the prevention of a life threatening illness] and the xmas cracker trinket join forces. The combination of the two elements act as a trigger for stream of consciousness text which enfolds the visual image and takes the viewer on a journey as whacky and remote as the combination of such disassociated objects.

Hear what the critics have had to say about "Condomonium"

Jack Dorf Sydney Morning Herald arts critic .....absolutely brilliant! Moorfoot's perceptions cut like a staysharp knife

Kostya Lotz Pravda .............absolutely priceless. Ze photographic collection at ze Kremlin iss sadly incomplete vizzout vorks of ziss standard.....

Quentin Bowyer Financial Times ......the only place this stock is going is up. BUY BUY BUY!

The Lyonville Liar ............ "la de freakin' da"

Magnus Mortenson The Bulletin ......... an absolute tour de force!!

Phil Legget World Cycling Digest absolute tour de france!!