I Eye - a book of self portraits 1983 - 2000

I started doing selfies back in 1983 – long before they became known as selfies. A self taught photographer, I was burned out in the Ash Wednesday bushfires of that year, and received a sum of money from the bushfire appeal fund that I decided to invest in going back to school to learn how to do this photography thing properly. I had a folio full of landscapes, plus a few still lifes, but no figurative shots, so to flesh out the folio I made a couple of self portraits.

I got accepted into the BA course at RMIT University and first year we were given a self portrait assignment. Second year we were again given a self portrait assignment, and so started a journey of turning my lens upon myself. I challenged myself to make at least one self portrait a year that I was happy with from that point on.

In 2000 I put together as a submission for a Fellowship with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, a suite of handmade artist books, on of which was I Eye, a book of self portraits 1983 – 2000.

I continue to make selfies, though I am no longer obsessed with having to deliver the goods every year. Perhaps some time in the not too distant future I will collect together the better results from the past 15 years into a sequel – I Eye II, return of the Jeff I !