Loony Bin

The subjects who appear in these photographs are, in the main, photographers. They are all members of an anarchic photo- graphic group called the 'free radicals'

These images result from a self assigned project at a photographic retreat undertaken by the free radicals in 2005 at the former mental asylum, long since decommissioned, at Beechworth in North Eastern Victoria

My thanks to my fellow free radicals for agreeing to be part of this project, and my appreciation to them for their ability to slip so easily into character

Special thanks to Gordon Williams for retrieving three lost rolls of film from the rubbish bin at the loony bin, without which this project would be somewhat incomplete

Thanks also to my schizophrenic cousin Julian Man for our long meandering conversations over recent years which have acted as a point of reference for me on the subject of mental illness

Who amongst us is really sane?