Requiem for a Love Lost

The title of this exhibition has gone through three transitions in a relatively short period of time. It started life - as each print is marked - ‘Salle de bain de Cristina X’. or translated into English, ‘Bathroom of Cristina X’. The images are portraits of Cristina X superimposed on enlarged images of small mosaic tiles that adorned the walls of her tiny bathroom in her equally tiny 17th century apartment in Paris. The mosaic tiles, measuring around 5cms square, date not from the 17th century, but from a 1970’s renovation, and, en masse look quite naff. But individually they are all different and intrinsically quite beautiful.

We were lovers. But she took umbrage over my choice of original title. “I am a very private person!” she said, and I expect, the use of her superimposed portraits in the images. Given that the portraits are so subtle as to be almost ‘not there’ - I dare anyone to be able to identify her in a police line up from these images! – and given that Cristina X is not her real name, and given that a small 17th century apartment in Paris could be one of probably a thousand such apartments and I give not a single clue within the images as to where in Paris it is located, I couldn’t really see what the fuss was all about. And really, at the end of the day, does anybody care?

Nevertheless, to save a continuing argument, I changed the title of the works to ‘Shrine’. But she went ahead and ended our relationship anyway.